21 Plays That Make A Promise Pure

21 Plays That Make A Promise Pure

                                                    Three solid memories will forever be cemented in her heart to remember the importance of March 29th: A son born with a full head of hair, a heart murmur, and a promise that Life will get better.March 29, 2020, 21 years later; her son’s head is still full of thick black hair.March 29, 2020, [...]

Failed Selfies; Nothing More. Nothing Less.

 Here’s to unfiltered selfies that tell a simple story – We are an Us.Nothing more, nothing less.Here’s to honest selfies that capture the “unflattering side” of our happiness.We are an Us,Nothing more, nothing less.Maybe we have it all twisted, maybe “picture perfect” is what we should fear.Here’s to the Lovers that speak loudest in their [...]

Spooky Meets Comfy: No Clutter Home’s A Boo!

Some things are better left for time to tell. Some things we need the wind to blow away.And some treats are not meant to be sweet. Allow the seasons to come and go. Greet the unknown with a welcoming smile. And remember, what’s horrifying today, may be majestic tomorrow. I’m sitting on my couch, staring [...]

A Heavy Promise

I stopped myself from saying these words out loud today, “I am so blessed.”I resisted lying out loud today, “In my own little world it hardly ever rains.”Yes, I am blessed.But in my world,There’s always rain.Followed by a heavy promise.One of my greatest strengths is my forgiving heart.I often forgive before forgiveness is requested.Because the [...]

To The Next One, I Hope You’re The One, The One I Was Not.

Dear Next One,Have you ever read No Lie, Pigs (and Their Houses) Can Fly!: The Story of the Three Little Pigs as Told by the Wolf (The Other Side of the Story) by Jessica Gunderson? If not, you really should. It's a great book. It tells another side of the story. I love hearing all sides [...]

30th Reunion In a Nutshell!

Exchange an egg!Killing ex-husbands.Brandon with a beard! Be still my heart.I’m fourteen again! Well, sure, their faces have aged.But, DAMN! Kelly T. is killing it in hot heels! Be still my heart.I’m fourteen again! Immediate chills when they all gathered together,Tears, because “I wish that were true.”Dylan McKay just pulled up in his Porsche! Tears, [...]

My First Blog Post

Simple Mode Have you ever tried setting your mind to Simple Mode? If not, it is something you really should try. I dare you! What is Simple Mode? Well, Simple Mode is exactly that - something simple, and incredibly beneficial to the soul. You start by setting your alarm to wake you unbelievably early; so, [...]