Interrupted Silence

I like reading book reviews before I purchase a book. I can spend hours reading book reviews.
I really LOVE it when I read a book that had horrible reviews and end up enjoying that book!
Reminds me to place value on my own opinions.

I have a silly way of determining if a book is worthy of my precious time: If I can find three reviews that give me chills and/or cause me to feel an emotion, i.e., excited, I purchase the book!

American Dirt written by Jeanine Cummins had tons of reviews, almost all the reviews struck a nerve in me. So, I had to read it!
I pray my review of American Dirt wakes up emotions. Because this book (like most incredibly written stories) comes to life!
Never once (from the first page to the very last page) did my body/heart & soul not ache.
A time or two, I closed the book, shut my eyes and whispered these words to God, “Why?”

Great writers have a special gift—Great writers wake up emotions in readers.
American Dirt, like most good works of art, Interrupted Silence.

Truth be told, after chapter one, I didn’t want to (figuratively) be part of Luca (a nine-year-old boy) and his Mother’s escape from Acapulco, Mexico; fleeing for their lives after a jefe of a drug cartel places a very public hit on them. Luca and his Mami, suffer unfathomable loss; then fight like hell to find a life in a country where Freedom Reigns. A story of friendship gone awry; Murder. Rape. Drug Cartels in Mexico. And Unconditional Sacrificial Love. This very real (but fictional) story was uncomfortable to read and even more uncomfortable to accept as a lifestyle for some living in Mexico.

How many of us think we know what we really don’t know?
All I truly know is that I’m sympathetic to those who suffer,
And my ignorance is bliss.
Which means my sympathy is worth nothing to those who suffer.
I’m forever proud to be an American. I will never thirst like some.
I’m forever proud to be an American. I will never starve for Freedom.
I’m forever proud to be an American. I can use my voice or choose not.

After reading this novel, I had to ask myself, how can I make a difference? How and where can I help?
When I feel like my tears are wasted, I emotionally crumble.
I don’t want to shelve this book and returned to My Silent Ignorance.

If you’re like me, you will finish this book with more questions than answers. And an entirely new prayer list; please God, protect the children of this world who cannot protect themselves.

I know I cannot save them all, but I can choose to educate myself (the more truth & history I know the better teacher/helper I will be). I can wake up every day and pray. I can and I will.
Because that is where I can make a difference.

American Dirt is a novel that will rip out your heart and leave you bleeding!
Jeanine Cummins has roused The Warrior Nerd in me!
After lots of thought, I realize now that to fight for change you must recognize that your greatest weapon is Knowledge.  
Do not fight with a sword and an ignorant tongue. Fight with an erudite mind.
My books are my weapons. Education is a must. Change will not come easy, I must start from the beginning—American History 101!
If I’m ever going to be a Light in this world, I must know history. Questions like how, where, and why can be answered by an ignorant mouth, but a difference will not be made if words have no truth.
Great books interrupt our comfort. Great books leave us wanting more knowledge.
Because of American Dirt (again, thank you, Jeanine Cummins!) I have pledged to start from the beginning, I am going to read and study History like my life depends on it.
Because truth be told, it does.

How many of us think we know what we really don’t know?
All I truly know is that I’m sympathetic to those who suffer,
And no longer, will my ignorance be bliss.

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