Spooky Meets Comfy: No Clutter Home’s A Boo!

Some things are better left for time to tell.
Some things we need the wind to blow away.
And some treats are not meant to be sweet.

Allow the seasons to come and go.
Greet the unknown with a welcoming smile.
And remember, what’s horrifying today, may be majestic tomorrow.

I’m sitting on my couch, staring out the front window, the wind’s blowing the autumn blaze leaves off our maple tree.
Fall is a magnificent season.

I appreciate all the wisdom fall bestows on the Mad.
It’s quiet haunting, listening to the wind telling you to accept what is, and to let go of what was.

This morning, I’m appreciating the fact that many people are like oak trees: their leaves (leaves, being details of themselves) taking longer to fall off than other trees.
And that’s a wonderful thing.

This morning, I’m allowing the wind to blow off more of my leaves.
My leaves tumbling down onto this laptop are Pumpkin orange,
And extremely jaded.

Not all my BlaH BlaH BlaH is negative.
Not all my BlaH BlaH BlaH is positive.
I’m here to motivate you to laugh, cry, wonder, lust, shop, and press on.

I’m more than a bouncy Sweetheart,who blogs about the pure sugars of Life.
I’m more than a tough Cookie, who blogs about truckin’ on after crackin’ skulls.
I’m more than a pissed-off Mother, who blogs about breaking chains from her demons.
I’m also a Woman who is passionate about her BlaH, Holidays, and Décor!

This morning, I’m here to remind you that it’s good for the soul to be Freaky!
Fall is the perfect season to accentuate your personality, and your Home.
Dust off your funk and pull out the white sheets, it’s time to change your shade!

OK!, I hear you. . .

You’re wondering how this BlaH is falling leaves?
Give me time, read with coffee in hand and many minutes to waste.
I’m telling you something you don’t know. It’s all about the BlaH, Readers.

I’m a Mother of five here to tell you, I LOVE decorating!
But it’s an expensive hobby, and having five children to support didn’t leave me with much money to spend on decorating.
But I made/make Magic happen!
Afterall, your home is where your heart is! A fact worth believing.

October is a fabulous time to welcome the beginning of the end.
Summer lovin’ had me a blast. Arrivederci, bikinis!

Comfy sweaters & sweatpants are reintroducing their loyalty to our weight gaining bodies.
Damn the hundreds of hard to resist, fall goodies jumping into our shopping charts!
Just kidding! I love that we get these next three months to indulge, in all things that satisfy our sugar cravings.
I love that scary movies are comforting on a gloomy October morning.
I love that my kitchen has four different flavors of cookies,
And my refrigerator is keeping, cool the Egg Nog!
I’ll say it again, October is a fabulous time to welcome the beginning of the end.
Summer lovin’ had me a blast. Arrivederci, bikinis!

Early in September, my daughter asked if she could go Halloween costume shopping with her friend.
I was a proud Mother. It was in that moment, I knew it was time to pull out my Christmas tree!

Wait a minute. . .This is a fall/leaves falling/Halloween blog, right?!
That is correct!

I’m now back on track now, here is a detail (my falling leaves) you dont’t know about me:
I decorate my Christmas tree for Halloween, And Thanksgiving!
My skeleton is out!

I find it comforting to have my tree up early.
My tree (along with my home being decorated) gives me peace that is hard to explain.

My children turned into young adults, and have gotten lives of their own; with out my permission.
I feel like I completely understand what Wilbur felt, when he watched all Charlotte’s spiders leave her web.
Loneliness is Real.
So give me a fucking break! My Halloween tree fills the void in my broken heart.
More falling leaves.

When my children were younger, I had to carefully decorate; Witches had to look kind and clean, skeletons had to wear bow ties, and Pumpkins had to be named.
I remember wishing for a day, when I’d be able to decorate to cause a fright!
Be very careful what you wish for. And try hard to appreciate your little ones,
The day will come when a night of family fun w/ hot cocoa and carving pumpkins, becomes obsolete.

This blog is a reminder that October is here!
It’s time to accept that people are at their wits’ end.
Welcome all things dark and mad.

Get up and drive; to Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and/or Dollar Tree and buy some webs and bones.
Tap into the spooky! Turn on your favorite Halloween movie (More falling leaves; my favorite is Halloween 4 & 5!)
Brew up some coffee and flavor it with Pumpkin Spice. And dammit, add whipped cream!
Put on something comfy, and relax to the sound of the wind blowing away what was.

Now you know a little more about your M.O.M., BlaH BlaH BlaH.
The beauty is in the details. . . Give me Time.
Here’s to falling leaves,
And all things that once were.

Happy Halloween

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