What doesn’t kill, Simply doesn’t kill you. Real Talk.

We’re too stubborn to admit that we need to grow up and take responsibility for all decisions that hinder our growth.

There is no age range I can give you that will predict the moment you’ll decide to stand up and take control over the mess of your life.

I really wish I could tell you that when you turn thirty-two-years-old you’re going to stop feeling sorry for yourself and you’re going to completely stop worrying about all the big and little stresses of life.

But I cannot.

All I can tell you is this, YOU’RE in complete control now.
And guess what, YOU always have been.
This is YOUR life; YOUR story to tell.

I was today-years-old when I heard my own BS, and finally accepted it. I realized, I’ve been looking for love, a special place to belong, and a made of diamonds badge of validation everywhere, but the place it has been patiently waiting to be found.

It’s been in me.

“I am Love.”
“I am a Special Place.”
Most importantly, “I am the ONLY person who can gift myself a badge of Validation.”

Notice, I did not lie and say, I am the one who can gift a made of diamonds badge of validation. And that’s because, I want to take a moment on this lovely Tuesday, to be Real.

I know we all need truth in our lives, and truth is not easily found.


Be mindful of what you read. Consider carefully, all words you accept as truth in your mind, heart, and soul.
Truth, my friends, is actually very easy to find; you just have to be ballsy enough to speak and seek it.


You are Love.
You are a Special Place.
You are your own gift giver of validation.

Say it and believe it, I dare you!

Find my flow here, don’t get lost in grammar or focus too hard to hear my written words. Try instead, to listen to what I am saying.

I’ve used every excuse in the book to justify why I’m not where I should be at this age/stage in my life. I have believed the lies from the devil (and all my own self-destructive thoughts).

I’ve entertained and comforted false facts/lies that have been planted in my brain, from tales new and old, that tricked me into believing I need to be a perfect size five Mother! Married with a college degree. I should have (stored in a perfectly organized file cabinet) documents proving ownership of a home!
And don’t even get me started on the lie that I am to be the perfect example of a Christian woman.

I’m supposed to look like I’m having the time of my life in all my pictures. And my kids should all have the same father.
Shit! Did I honestly just state the above, for ALL to read?! Did I really just put myself out there to be judged and gossiped about?

Yes. I did.
Because, here is some simple hard truth: If you can speak truth about your life, who the hell can come against you?

No one can.

And that’s where so many of us fail ourselves.

We’re trying to live our best life, but we’re too damn weak and prideful to take accountability over it.

It is your life; your problems are yours and yours alone.
Your happiness is yours and yours alone.
Your body is yours! There is no one else that is exactly like you!

You know what YOU truly love.
You know what motivates YOU.
You know, or I’m about to tell you, that YOUR presence is special.
You know how to validate YOURSELF.

And YOU know the honest faith you have in the God you pray to; You know that when this journey ends you’ll stand before Him. Alone.

So why keep wasting time trying to chase after something you already have ownership of?

Want to know happiness?
Take the filters off your desires.

Damn! That’s real talk this morning.

A special person in my life is always reminding me to Keep It Simple (And with each reminder, I love him more and more).

We are all flawed.

Accept hard truth; you’ve made some extremely dumb decisions in your life. And you pay the consequences daily.
But, your past does not define you.

Your social media posts do not tell your real-life story, and that’s sad, because there are so many people needing to see truth.

I have my own way of looking at life, yet, I have spent my entire life trying to fit in where I know I do not belong.

I fed myself this lie: If I make enough money, and achieve a specific title, I’ll be a success. A real-life example of something from nothing.

Shame on me.
I have always been something.

I have been so scared to accept that I am who I am.

I have made chaos out of my life.
And for what?
Whose opinion of me/my life means more than my own?

I will always be Something.
I will always be Somebody.

My dreams are not your dreams.
Maybe I’ll never own my home, drive a fancy car, or be married with a college degree.
I may never fit your idea of success, but dammit, I AM HAPPY!

My worth, my peace, my purpose will not be found in money, material, or man.

I’ll never need a seven-figure paycheck (though it would be nice!) or an office with a view to be considered A Somebody on top of Life.
Because a Somebody on top of Life, is a person discovering his/hers true heart’s desires.

It’s ALL about the Climb.

When we’re on top of life, we can see our Light.
On top, we are our own Special Place.

The thing about being a special place is, you’re never enough.
There is no final perfection.
You may be at the top,
but you know the top of Life is NOT your final destination.

Life is short. When you find yourself at the top, don’t view it as a finish line. Instead, look at it as a level defeated.
And say this:
“Next level BLAH, starts now! Game on!”

Always want more for yourself.
Always want to return to yourself.
Always want to see your special place in a different Light.

When you’re on top of Life, look for me!

The Woman I am Today can tell you this:
You’ll find me in words in a book (dedicated to the small big moments, full of purpose).
You’ll find me in a gym running (Yes, I’ll be the woman drenched in sweat running with the most adorable jiggle.)
And bet your bottom dollar,
I’ll always be found in a sea full of Truth.
Bountiful Laughs.
And, Humility.

Keep on Truckin’!

See you at the Top!
M.O.M., Blah-Blah-Blah

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