Hear, or Listen? Teach me to Master BOTH.

Hear or Listen? Teach me to master both.

Sunday is here. Thank, God for it!

I don’t know about you, but I sure do appreciate the flawlessness of Sunday’s Peace.
All week long, I look forward to Sunday. Waking up to the perfectness of a clean slate. A fresh start to a new week.

Sundays sweetly offer Positive Perspective.
Can you hear the offer? Are you listening?
Shhh! Sunday is talking.

Tranquility and Immobility are required for this lesson.

“I am flawed, but worthy.”
“I am poor, yet, richly blessed.”
“I am thick, but still, sexy.”
“I hear it all, yet, almost never choose to listen.”

Life is a crazy professor. It seems most days, this crazy professor is teaching a new lesson.
To a world full of students who are hearing the lesson but are not really listening.
Leaving us all living in a world full of people who have been taught lessons, but never really learned the lessons.

So what!? Who the hell cares!?
I care.
And you should too. Because not knowing the difference between hearing and listening is a big problem.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t welcome problems in my life. I’m not looking for a life full of ninety nine problems! Learning the difference between hearing and listening, makes you the Problem Solving Master.
And I am about to give you the Master’s number!

But first, you must listen.
If you’re confused here, let me tell you this:
You’re hearing my words, not listening.

Tranquility and Immobility are required for this lesson.

A fabulous woman was crying out to God, asking Him to please speak louder to her struggling soul.
She was facing a very difficult decision in her love life, and she needed God to tell her whether to stay or leave her boyfriend.
She was praying 24/7, but wasn’t hearing anything from God.
Until, one morning, she believed God spoke directly to her (through a pastor giving a sermon online).
In a very loud voice, the pastor shouted “Dump, David!”
The woman fell to the floor and started crying.
“Why, God? Why are you asking me to break my own heart?”
Again, no answer.
Her morning turned cold and hopeless.

After some time, the woman wiped away her tears and got up from the floor. She walked to her bedroom and stared out the window.
What she saw out the window was the beauty of a new day, waiting for her.
She closed her eyes tight, and decided she’d have to obey and act on what she believed was God’s demand.
Then, out of nowhere, song lyrics started to play in her head, “I don’t want to hear anymore, teach me to listen.” The woman rushed back to her phone and replayed the sermon! She listened again with a hopeful heart.
The pastor shouted “Duck, David!”

Again, the woman started to cry.


Long story short: She had almost left the man she loves, because she was hearing (and not listening to) powerful words being spoken in a sermon.

I should be very honest here, the sermon was being played on her cell phone that she was carrying around with her, as she rushed through housework.
When she heard, “Dump, David!”, she was brushing her teeth, with the water running!

Seriously?! Are you listening to this ridiculously story?!

I sure hope so.

Because so many of us, myself included, are guilty of making life altering decisions based on shit we hear!

You see, there is always a lesson Life is teaching.
And it is always up to YOU to make the choice to hear or listen to the lesson.

Maybe you’re thinking I’m full of crap. Maybe you’re thinking I’m speaking wisdom to your heart. The truth is this, I’m simply telling you that Life is a crazy professor that’s teaching endless lessons.
Learn to master the art of deciphering; when to hear the lesson and when to listen to it.

The good news, You can do both!
Mastering hearing and listening.
It will make you an A+ student in life.

Now you’re thinking, how do I learn to do both?!
It is not easy, but it can be done.
And it only requires two very important things: Tranquility and Immobility, during the lessons.

As Sunday draws to an end, I pray you listen to what Sunday is saying.
“Be still and know.”

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