My First Blog Post

Simple Mode

Have you ever tried setting your mind to Simple Mode? If not, it is something you really should try. I dare you!
What is Simple Mode? Well, Simple Mode is exactly that – something simple, and incredibly beneficial to the soul.
You start by setting your alarm to wake you unbelievably early; so, if you’re going to try this go to bed early the night before. If you can, get in a fabulous cardio blast (and a hot shower!) before bed! A good night’s rest will make it that much easier to set yourself on Simple Mode in the AM.

The alarm will go off 3AM-ish. Reach over and shut it off. Then, in your bed, get in a really good stretch. A child’s pose is what does it for me.
Careful not to fall back asleep while stretching. Think of something sexy, to keep yourself awake. In fact, if you’re up for it, reach over and lightly caress your partner! If you can get his attention, give him a wonderful start to his morning – because, no day can go bad when started with a good deed, right?!

OK, back to Simple Mode.

After a lavish stretch (or great morning sex), get out of bed with a smile on your face.
I mean it! I don’t care how fake the smile is, you smile like you’re about to own the shit out of the day ahead!
Get yourself a banana and caffeine. Then sit!
And I mean just that – no starting a load of laundry, no lunch prepping. And don’t you dare walk into the bathroom, and stare into the mirror!
Just allow yourself to sit, and appreciate the simplicity of the morning.

The next step is tricky. Think of something that is important to your soul.
For me, it is sermons or music.
Let’s say you’re like me, and you turn on Bruce Springsteen’s Secret Garden!
Crap, wait! It is now around 3:30AM-ish, so maybe turn it up with earbuds in. Because, the last thing you need is to wake a kid.
OK, you’re now sitting someplace quiet, with caffeine in hand, and Springsteen feeding your soul.
Take it in. Take in all the words.
Get lost in the simple.

You’re there now – Welcome to Simple Mode.
Here, there are no bills due. No words unsaid. No demanding schedules. And, no worries.
This is your Special Place.
Love it. Decorate it.
Learn its uniqueness.

So, when you pass this on to a girlfriend, don’t allow her to say, “OMG! You use John Legend too in Simple Mode!” There will never be two exact Special Places, for two different people; because this is yours – and no two people can hear the same words exactly the same.

You see, this is not a “meditation routine” – this is a spiritual thang!
In your Special Place, you are at peace. Your soul is fresh and willing.
Willing? Yes, willing. Willing and ready to listen to all the good inside of your mind, heart, and soul.
Sometimes, we fail to invite in all that is gentle and honest.
What we’re sacrificing daily, is our willingness to listen when we wake up and immediately jump into ordinary routines.
In Simple Mode, you listen to all the truth that belongs to you. No drama. No regret. No fear.

This is where I leave you.
Create your Simple Mode to be yours and yours alone.
Don’t share too many details about it. Suggest it to people who ask you why you’re always glowing; but only share the simple steps.

In this life we give away so much of our Light. Some of your Good was meant to be yours and God’s alone. It is important to keep a good part of your mind, heart, and soul for God’s access only.
It is how you’ll always know you’re in a Special Place.  

Here’s to the Simple Mode!

Till next time, Lavish B.L.A.H.!

2 thoughts on “My First Blog Post

  1. I watched last night’s season premiere of 90120 reunion and I thought it was pretty good I enjoyed it . I can’t wait to see next Wednesday episode 😊


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